1. Magazine cropping

It is interesting because when it’s collected together it becomes the whole new collection and I can freely chose the part that I like and crop it.

However, I feel like I have to do something more and I still didn’t own this work completely.


2. Sound editing

I discover more songs and the part that have been cropped is more like the killing part of each song or the lyrics that hits the audience. So what about the other part? Is it still necessary?


3. Advertisements cropping through screen

I made it because I want to experiment the texture of the screen due to the result of the texture of the magazine. To be honest, it was produced in a short period of time and it’s so rough. The colors is interesting but I have no idea what’s this?


4. Video cropping / editing

This is the work that raise me alot of questions and I don’t quite like this work.

How people can’t wait anymore for web browsing to download even just in 3 seconds. What if it can affect the reality and people cannot concentrate on any activity for more than 3 seconds. It’s fun to produce this video anyway.

After that, I was so done with digital work so I change the technique to be something that was done by hand.


5. Colors resembling

It took so long and a lot of effert to get one similar color. While I was doing this work, I was so concentrate and I was getting bored sometimes. However, it feels nice when I got to produced something. I know more about how to use many kind of the colors and how to produce various types of colors from only primary colors.


6. Embroidery

I enjoy practicing this technique so much and I completely shut myself down from any other activity and stay silent to complete each piece of the work. The hardest part is that you can only see the result only when you finished the work. Actually, it raise me a question that do I still consider as the short attention spans people or not. Because, I wasn’t struggling at all



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