Game making II

The second drafted.

Character design to show the diversity of people. However, no matter who are you, you’ll experience how advertisements bombarded you one way or another.

1. Control the cursor to be in the white box while the size is decreasing and the speed is increasing. Using the eyes shaped like to represent how people have to stay concentrate while playing the game and the background is the multiple screen to show the habit of multitasking. It’s also look like the mobile screen which is the device that people mostly used for consuming the media.

2. Stop the video by click on the white screen that will be showed between each of the videos. Using the colors that represent the Youtube platform.

3. Move the cursor to the place that’s marked. Then, the advertisement will play in the back, the audience has to wait until the advertisement end. To resemble the forcing situation that the advertisement is all around and cannot be avoided. The scene resemble the BTS skytrain.



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