Colors resembling & Embroidery

I started with the question of “How advertisement use colors to seek for attention in different way?” with the statement

Too much/fast of attention span seeking force/visual people to lose their attention spans

The main cause of losing attention span is the speed of consuming overload of information. So, I want to slow down the process of consuming colors by go back to the original of colors which is primary colors.

But there is the problem while doing the experiment. The cyan colors cannot be created by this set of primary colors. So, I research more and find out that there are 3 systems of primary colors.

I tried to resemble the cyan colors with red, yellow, blue with black and white but it’s not successful.

RYB is the system that used with light the more colors is mixed together the lighter it becomes which is different from painting and any objects in real life.

Experiment on using primary colos to create colors with pencil colors

After did some research and experiment, CMYK seems to be the best choice to go with. So, I started produce work using cyan, magenta, yellow and black to resemble the cropping advertisements.

Because I want to slow the process of consuming colors down. I feel like the final painting is only show the result colors just like how I see the original advertisement. So, I think about mixing colors by using embroider. So, you see still. see the line of each colors.

Not only the colors but the embroidery also need technique to archive the colors that I want. I have so much fun and this work keep me concentrate.



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