Beyond the truth (W2)

In the current situation in Thailand, Political issues have played a big role in daily life and it even impacts me more after the government uses violence again the unarmed people who protest for the right of their own.
No humanity.


At that time, I was so angry and depressed. In my perception, Thailand’s government’s already had a negative image in my perception and that situation made it worse. I admitted that I was so biased and I believe it was the right thought to be.

Don’t get me wrong. What the government has done is still unacceptable and inhumane. But did we let emotion work over the truth or not?

Briefly, Post-truth will occur when the emotion involves and the truth has no longer matter anymore.

Part of video below:

A great example of this idea is when there was the rumor of the ambulance which had a pregnant woman inside couldn’t pass the police’s barrier and she’s dead. The content is super sensitive and emotional. At that time, a lot of people share this news and it exposed later that it’s fake news. It’s the real situation but not a pregnant woman who was inside. Even though that was a serious issue but the fake news went too far and played with emotional content a lot.

Another example that I observe from my own timeline on Twitter and the tweet that I tend to share/retweet. Twitter is one of the digestible plate forms with limited words and how the audience receives information from other users that have to digest it before tweet/post.
(Translation in the caption)

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Quoted tweet) Normally, the open cab cannot drive on expressway)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Didn’t that green truck belong to the government?? Can it drive on expressway? Where is the police?

I’ve never driven a car before and I didn’t know much about driving rules. However, I believe it already because I want it to be a fact for me to attack the government and I didn’t check the fact either.

Seriously, I’ve been following the news for a day and nobody even complain about erasing that blue color (the government claim that it’s methylene blue which is used to stain protesters and mark them out for later arrest) It’s not about being afraid of getting caught anymore. We can’t even notice any blue on the police that accidentally got this water all over. I bet that it’s not methylene blue but the government would just make corrupt and replace it with some stupid cheap colors like house paint or something.

Of course, I don’t believe the government. So, I tend to believe that the government could really corrupt and lie about this. To be honest, the Thai government keeps losing credit that I won’t believe them anymore. I don’t care about the truth and the truth that come from the government is imprecise. (emotion involve X2)

The man that was put in a chokehold until he lose consciousness and was received CPR is the same man that help washing the police’s face with polluted water and look what he got back. I’m angry as hell.

With the situation in the content, it’s so sensitive and the story connects together. As the receiver, there’s definitely emotion occur. Once again, I didn’t check the truth but I retweeted it already.

The video is being deleted? That’s fine. I can always share it again. In case, please help saving the video.

I retweeted the content without knowing that the video was really deleted or not. My feeling involved that I don’t want the government to blind people anymore.




A Communication Design student

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Pornpas Pittayawiriyakul

Pornpas Pittayawiriyakul

A Communication Design student

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