Audio visual II

The project that I am interested in is about

“The overload of attention seeking forces people to lose their span.”

From the lasted works that I did. The process is reached to the point that the advertisement was zoomed and cropped until only the color is remained. But as a digestible information, it’s kind of drifting away from its meaning about the information that’s easy to understand and how it seek for attention but it can be noticed that the color take the big roles in advertisement.

So, I research more about how color work in psychology and branding. Also, how it define the personality of people.

I found out that each of the color has it own meaning and can also affect people in different ways. People translate the light into the color with the reflection on the surface of an object that absorbs the colors and the reflected ones is what we perceive.


The color produced by light is a kind of an energy. This energy affects both the functions of our body as well as our mind and emotions. Source

I tried to make some colors matching and collect the history of my browsers and translate it in the colors pallet

So, I decided to explore about how the advertisement use colors to catch people attention in different ways and ways too much. I started by collecting the advertisement poster that I can recognize the colors that they use and the others is what I found in my daily life. Then, I digest the poster by cropped and zoomed just the area that I can still recognize the colors of the brand in mobile size which is where most of the advertisements is found in my lifestyles.

Then, I print it out and started to explore more about how the colors are being used by resemble that colors so I can roughly know the ratio of that colors’ element. Because the amount in each of the colors can affect people in different ways.

For example, the color orange radiates warmth and happiness, from the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. If the ratio of red or yellow is changed, the feeling will change too.

I only use the primary color with black and white to create the colors. Because, actually the colors that we see through the screen is generated by only three colors which is the primary colors It’s an illusion of the different combinations and intensities of these three colors. However, white is appearing when all three colors being on and when the screen pixels are turned off is when the black is appeared unlike in printing and in realistic. On this stage, I decide to still using these two color to lighten and darken the tone of colors.

Do we feel what we feel or we just the victim of colors using on advertisement leading our attention to where they wanted?

I used the different kinds of color painting and I plan to make it more. I also plan to go on with the idea of illusion of the colors in how we see the colors that actually is the overlapping of primary colors.



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